Preserve the memory of a loved one or pet with a Custom Size Memorial Plate with text or photo engraved.
Great for Benches, Stones, Memorial Trees, Walls, Headstones. We provide a choice of the below:

Stainless Steel

Each piece is permanently laser fused (Using a High Power Laser) with a specialty black coating that is fade and scratch resistant.

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Durablack Aluminum

Black non-reflective aluminum with a urethane protective top coat. Resistant to weathering, salt water, chemicals and high temperatures, it conforms to
various industry and military standards. Engraved, it produces an "A" grade high resolution white metallic contrast.

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Marble & Granite

Laser-etched text or images done on quality surfaces, such as Marble or Granite, results in a highly detailed, high contrast permanent engraving.
Because laser etching draws the image or text directly onto the surface, the etching will last as long as monument does without any fading or weathering.

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Laser Engraved Outdoor Textured Plastic

Comes in a Variety of Colors. Textures are two-layer acrylic based materials, suitable for applications in demanding environments,
where extra durability and scratch resistance are required. The textured, matt surface is non-reflective,
durable and easy to clean,and are UV- and weather-resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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