Valiani Pro CMC-1
Computerized Mat Cutter

Valiani: The Family of Computerised Mountboard Cutting Machines. Helping the custom framing industry since 1974, Valiani is recognized as the innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of computerized mat cutters (CMCs) and is considered the world leader for reliability, production capability, design innovation, and customer satisfaction. Valiani was founded in 1974 by Franco and Franca Valiani, in Certaldo near Florence and it is still run these days by Franco and his wife and their children Nico and Giada.

This CMC Has highly robust mechanical and electrical components, independent control keypads, and emergency stops, improved housing and tool-free locking mechanism for cutting head, and improved pneumatic control for more precise radial (oval, circle, etc.) cutting. Full-perimeter shields ensure maximum operator safety. Handles up to 3/16” (5mm) foam board and coter board with optional 45-bevel or 90-degree cutting heads. Highly durable blades cut more mat openings. Sturdy “Rollon” compact rails for peak reliability with minimal maintenance. Oil system and Compressor for holdowns.

Computer workstation with new Windows 10 Computer System
 Complete with monitor, mouse, and keyboard with various other software and internet explorer. Also includes all cables, power bar, and surge protection.

Future Mat Designer Software Details

The Future Mat Designer program is extremely easy to use and offers a wide variety of tools necessary to increase creativity and reduce project design time. Over 250 pre-programmed design templates, with create-your own capability. Rotate, Scale, Copy, and Paste any design object or Group.
Easy import of CAD (.DXF), CorelDRAW (.PLT) designs, clip art, or Fonts - limitless creative possibilities.
Easy to use Centering, Positioning, Spacing, Aligning, and Array tools for effortless multi-opening layouts.
Mat Optimization layout feature for efficient cutting of varied mat sizes, Text tool for creating names, numbers, etc. - over 40 pre-programmed fonts. New Cut Sequence tool allows user-designated cutting order of all mat openings.  

Photos Of the Mat Cutter, Computer, Air Compressor & Rotating interchangeable Head Tray.





See The Valiani in action here

See The Mat Stylus Head In action here

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