Under Pinner

Cassese CS88 Foot Operated Underpinner is made from a sturdy aluminium structure and worktop. Easy loading using Cassese cartridge wedges. Can be used from front or rear. Front and back wedge position can be easily adjusted. Can be used with mouldings up to 150mm (6”) wide and 100mm (4”) deep.Cassese wedges cartridge system. Easy change of wedge size with no need to adjust or change any part on the machine. All Cassese underpinners are able to use the full range of Cassese cartridge wedges in 7 different sizes, available in both softwood and hardwood. Adjustable joining angle. It is possible to adjust the joining angle of the fences to correct the gap if the cutting angle is not 45 degrees. Patented self-adjusting fences are adaptable to the shape of any moulding profile, to prevent gaps in the top or bottom of the join. Horizontal rebate clamp secures the moulding pieces together to ensure perfect alignment of the mitres while joining. Quick-Change top clamp to adjust between softwood and hardwood and different mouldings' shapes. 2 positioning stops (front and back) allow wedges to be stacked up, even in hardwood.  Unique triangular design table makes it easy to adapt to the corner of a workbench, which assists in supporting the frame while joining. 

  The pedal position can be easily changed between the back or the front of the machine, and can also be set up for either left or right foot operation. Unique pulley and cable drive system multiplies the force applied on the foot pedal more than 3 times, thus making it easy for the operator to drive wedges into the hardest frames.