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We use the same pricing as the standard T-handle stamps and add $10.00 for the actual self-inking mechanism. The pads inside their self inkers can be re-inked using the bottles of ink that we sell.

To change a name or address on your old self inker we charge $15.00 to replace the rubber part (called a die).

If you need a rubber stamp in a hurry, we charge an additional $10.00 for same day service. We can add your company logo to any of our stamps. We charge an additional $15.00 as long as it is good quality artwork.






These stamps come in various sizes with a 10-year date band in them and are avaialable in different stamp pad colours. Prices range from $35.00 to $85.00 and up. Call for a quote at (306) 782-8282 or toll free at 1-800-996-7777.

Date Only Dater

Medium Custom Dater

Faxed Date Dater

Paid Date Dater

Received Date Dater


This set of self inking date stamps features a metallic finish which is study enough for most any workplace. These date stamps are considered heavyweight and more durable than the office line of date stamps.

Small Date Stamp

Large Date Stamp

X-Large Date Stamp

Entered Date Stamp

Paid Date Stamp

Posted Date Stamp

Received Date Stamp





This is where it all started, in the early 1900's with wooden handle rubber stamps. Believe it or not, we still manufacture hundreds of these!

The Frameworks carries a complete line of traditional rubber stamps with wood handles, date and band stamps, and custom rubber stamps for inspections. Our stamps are extremely durable and very economically priced. Can be made different lengths ranging from 1/2" to 6" depending on what size you require.


1 Line Rubber Stamp
Starting at $9.95

2 Line Rubber Stamp
Starting at $13.60

3 Line Rubber Stamp
Starting at $16.50

4 Line Rubber Stamp
Starting at $17.70

5 Line Rubber Stamp
Starting at $21.70






When choosing the best personalized stamps, it is important to think about how and when the stamps may be used and whether they might have a practical application. Many people choose to have personalized stamps made that include their addresses so that they can use them to stamp envelopes. Others have personalized stamps made for each of their children so that they can mark certain items such as books and school folders to keep everything organized. Personalized stamps may also include one's favorite saying that can be printed on envelopes or at the bottom of letters much like some people include quotes in their email signatures.

In addition to this identifying information, these stamps can be made with fonts, graphics, or symbols that are somehow representative of one's character. A veterinarian, for example, can have a personalized stamp made with her address bookended by a dog and a cat. A seamstress could do something similar with a needle and thread. This is a nice way to stamp items with identifying information and embellish them with a bit of decoration.

Personalized stamps can also represent a couple or a family. For example, a family with the last name "Smith" could choose a personalized stamp that says "From the Library of the Smith Family" to mark all of their books. Personalized stamps can also be used for holidays. A couple could get a personalized stamp that says "Seasons Greetings from Dick and Jane." They could use this to stamp the envelopes for their holiday cards.

In addition to using personalized stamps for one's address, one may also use personalized stamps for one's business address. This can be especially useful for people who work in sales or otherwise need to keep up good personal relationships with their customers. Such a stamp can be used on official business mail as long as doing so is approved by one's employer. It can also be used on seasonal greetings that are sent out to one's customers. We can add a company logo or artwork to the stamp at an extra charge.


We offer a complete line of art rubbers stamps from our own catalog. There are hundreds of images from animals, to thank you stamps to teacher stamps, religious, Christmas, all occasions, vehicles, transportation, teddy bears, etc.

Check out our catalog on site or in the store -- we have some in stock and you can order the rest. You can also add any of the images to your name and address and you can have a unique, one of a kind stamp. Our art department can also draw any new images that you may require.




We have a good supply of stamp pads and ink for stamp pads and the self-inking stamps.

We have a range of colours including black, blue, red, green, and violet. The ink starts at $5.00 a bottle and the stamp pads are $6.00 each. We carry 3 different sizes of ink and 2 sizes of stamp pads.

Learn how to re-ink your self-inking stamps. (PDF)


With embossing you can make your own wedding invitations, napkins, or thank you notes. You can also make your own Christmas cards or cards for any occasion.

Come in for your embossing powders or for a free demonstration on how to emboss.

Laser engraving, marking and graphic imaging are ideal methods for personalizing wedding items such as champagne flutes, reception favors and frames. Take advantage of the efficiency and versatility of laser processing to expand your gift business.

Wedding Favours

Give your guests something they'll remember—and love!

Our fully personalized favours range in price from $3.50 - $15.00 and up. We can work with you to create something that suits your budget and your tastes, and will be uniquely yours.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Wine GlassesChampagne FlutesShot GlassesOrnaments
VasesGlass Photo FramesSoy CandlesIndividual or Sets of Coasters (Glass or Mirror)
Place Card CubesPie ServersMini Salt & Pepper ShakersPepper Mills
Personalized wine bottles filled with your own wine



We carry professional grade custom embossing stamps - seals with fast turnaround time. Our embossing seal product line ranges from notary seals, logo seals for business, professional seals for architects and engineers, seals for colleges and university to something completely custom. We carry both desk and pocket models. Whatever you need them for you can rest assured our products are top quality, we guarantee it.

Stationery Embossers

Logo Seals

Desk Seals
Starting at $50.00

Pocket Seals
Starting at $40.00